Barrier Free Shower Accessibility

We provide and install Tile-Shower Accessibility by designing and installing the latest in Barrier-Free Accessibility components for Tiled Shower and Bathroom Projects increasing the safety of those we love, (reducing stress) while helping them maintain their dignity. 

What makes a shower "Accessible"?

Safety, Space, Seating & Ergonomics.


1. Easy Entry and Exit for Wheel-Chairs 

2. Ergonomics of Hardware and Shower Seating  

3. Safety - Grab-Bars - Slip Resistant Flooring

Accommodations for Accessibility

Components of Accessibility can include:

  1. Curb-less or Zero-Entry Shower Basins

  2. Door-less Entry

  3. Wall-Mount/Adjustable Seating or Benches

  4. Adjustable Shower Heads